The Lord inhabits the praises of His people! (Psalm 22:3)


Have you thanked God today?

There’s always something to thank God for!

Are you breathing? Thank God!

Are you thinking? Thank God!

Are you living? Thank God!

There’s always a reason to say ‘Thank you Lord’

Let’s begin a revolution of Thanksgiving.  There is always a reason to Thank God.  From the wonderfully painted, ever changing canvas of the skies, to the minutely crafted, never changing details of a man’s heart; how awesome are His works! Our Lord delights in the praises of His people. Let’s lift up thousands of praise offerings, celebrating and revelling in what the Lord has done!!!


The most inexpensive way to give something really priceless and invaluable to God, is to say ‘Thank you, Lord.’ It doesn’t take much, but can mean far beyond what you can imagine. What are you thankful for today? Submit your ‘thanksgiving note’ and let the praises of His people rise! There is power in praise!

Tell your Story

Isn’t it amazing when God fills in the blanks of your life? Just when you are down and out, He steps in and takes complete control, changing things in a manner you never expected nor imagined! That is the power of God, the power of prayer! Have you had this undeniable experience of God’s goodness transform your life? Share your story, and share the love of God through what He has done for you. Touch a life, inspire someone, minister to the broken or simply glorify your Father by telling of His deeds – Testify!

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